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    Yup! That would be the one. It's starting any day. Last year there was a good amount of Snow/REgina, Emma/Regina, Emma/Snow and a ton of random other femslash ships with some amazing kinks attached :)

    Sweet!  I’m getting really excited about this.  Every chance between classes I get will probably be occupied with very little else.  I’ll have to be on the lookout for when some details go about about the start =]

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    And while we stood there, someone yelled ‘Jen, get a little closer to Lana, will you?’ and Lana in her EQ outfit laughed and said, ‘yeah, I don’t bite!’ Then the cameraman said, ‘nice Swan Queen scene’. That’s all I can tell you…

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        No, no connection! I just saw you reblogged that and thought you may want to know. The dreamwidth one doesn't have any kink/pairing restrictions. Or any fandom restrictions. It's one of those limited time ones though :)

        Ahh okay! =] Well, thank you anyways! lol  Is this the right one?  From what I have found, there are no details up yet, but here you go followers!  Looks like a good time!

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          There's a femslash kink meme going on on dreamwidth soon. Nothing off limits.

          Really?  Not familiar with dreamwidth but I am absolutely going to check that out!  Thanks for the heads up, anon =]  Kink meme usually means smut, so I’ll have to think about that as I’m not always great at motivating myself to write it, but it also sounds like a lot of fun!

          (If this is related to a message I sent a bit ago, I sincerely hope I didn’t offend or hurt anyone, as that was not my intention.  I ran out of characters or else I would have said a lot more.  I honestly just wanted to put that out there in the hopes that it would be taken into consideration, that’s all. =]  And if this has nothing to do with that and ya’ll are now looking at me like I have 2 heads, ignore this part.)

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          I love the fact that Robert completely ignored the question about make-up because he wanted to make clear Lana is hotter

          Lana is hotter

            Only a few hours left before sign ups close!


            Which means it truly is your last chance to join us! (countdown)


            The Gift Exchange includes such pairings as Swan Queen, Pure Envy, Red Beauty, Sleeping Warrior, Fairy Queen, etc. etc.

            Read the RULES/FAQ and SIGN UP! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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                you're an amazing friend, our friendship as improved my life, I hope it continues for a lifetime, and I hope I've improved your life as well. :)


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                  You're always such a sweetheart and I always enjoy talking to you -anon



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